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Established in 2006 in San Jose, California. Serving Houston, Texas since 2012.

Since established AngelTech has delivered many successful projects ranging from a few hours of computer support to thousands of hours of software development for our clients in USA and Europe. In 2012 we moved the company to Houston, Texas to better serve our clients in the oil & gas, medical, and financial industries.

Together with our local IT partners, in Asia, and in Europe we offer tailored, lean, and affordable software development and computer support that maximize ROI value for our clients.

Our IT professionals have worked for small, medium and Fortune Global 500 companies with many years of experiences ranging from computer support and security, software design and development, and leadership.

We value Caring, Hands-on and Lean (Thinking and Doing). They guide and remind us every day how we should interact and work together to be a valuable partner for our clients' success. Because if our clients succeed, we succeed.

  • Lean Thinking and Doing

    The core idea is to maximize customer value while minimizing waste. Simply, lean means creating more value for customers with fewer resources.

  • On Time and On Budget

    Because of our Lean thinking and doing from start to finish, our clients are confident that we deliver on time and within agreed budget. We are very responsive in IT emergency situations too.

  • Automation, Automation, Automation

    Yes, we automate any task and process whenever we can as we want to make software and computer work smarter and harder for you, 24x7. Why not? Let the machines work for us.

  • Global Talent Utilization

    Beside our local people, by utilizing global talent people we can work around the clock to shorten our delivery time and to minimize the cost for our clients while maintaining a high local presense and communication with our Hands-on approach.

We Promise You

* AFFORDABLE: professional computer support and maintenance for less than a dollar a day.

* PEACE OF MIND: no more worry about computer failure, data lost, and unpredicted cost to fix them.

* UNLIMITED SUPPORT: no trip, no hourly, and no per incident charge. Only hardware replacement cost extra.

* FREE REMOTE ACCESS: securely access all of your office computers from anywhere anytime for free.

* 100% SATISFACTION: If you are not 100% satisfied with our provided services, you don’t pay. This is our promise to our customers for over 12 years now. Give us a try today, nothing to lose… actually you will lose all the stress about computer failure and data lost in your business :-)
Design & Development


  • New Website, Shopping, and Web Application
  • New Phone, Tablet and Desktop Application
  • Legacy Application Transformation
  • Opensource Software Customization
  • Data Entry, Capturing and Processing
  • Software Testing (QA)
Support & Maintenance


  • Computer and Software Setup and Management
  • Computer and Software Performance Optimization
  • Preventative Maintenance to Minimize Downtime
  • Offline and Online Data Backup, Archiving, Restore
  • Data Migration and Recovery
  • Computer and Software Automation
  • Computer and Software Upgrade
Computer & Network


  • Computer & Network Security Monitoring
  • Porn, Malware, Phishing , Scam Websites Real-Time Blocking
  • Virus, Malware, Randsomware Removal and Prevention
  • PC Baseline Security Check with Report
  • Anytime Access to Your Computer and Data Securely
  • Business, Guest, Home Wireless Network Lockdown
  • User IT Security Awareness Training
Managed IT Services


  • Pay-as-you-go Desktop, Server, Storage, and Database Resources
  • Communications and Commerce-Based Tools
  • Business and E-commerce Applications
  • Data and Business Document Management
  • Automation and Cross-Channel Communications
  • Contract Management and Payroll
  • Employee Time Tracking and Monitoring
  • Content Authoring and Learning Management

HIPAA - Security Rule

In the healthcare industry there are 2 important rules in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Title II that anyone who “touch” Protected Health Information (PHI) should know: Privacy Rule and Security Rule. The Security Rule complements the Privacy Rule; while the Privacy Rule pertains to all Protected Health Information (PHI) including paper and electronic, the Security Rule deals specifically with Electronic Protected Health Information (EPHI). It lays out three types of security safeguards required for compliance: Administrative, Physical, and Technical.

AngelTech can help your organization to implement the Top 10 Tips for Cybersecurity in Health Care from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to ensure that your EPHI data is protected while in storing or transmitting state.
Tip 1

Establish a Security Culture as security professionals are unanimous: The weakest link in any computer system is the user.

Tip 2

Protect Mobile Devices as laptop computers, handhelds, smartphones, portable storage media — have opened a world of opportunities to untether Electronic Health Records (EHRs) from the desktop. But these opportunities also present threats to information privacy and security.

Tip 3

Maintain Good Computer Habits as the medical practitioner is familiar with the importance of healthy habits to maintain good healthand reduce the risk of infection and disease. The same is true for IT systems, including EHR systems — they must be properly maintained so that they will continue to function properly and reliably in a manner that respects the importance and the sensitive nature of the information stored within them.

Tip 4

Use a Firewall as anti-virus software will help to find and destroy malicious software that has already entered, a firewall’s job is to prevent intruders from entering in the first place. In short, the anti-virus can be thought of as infection control while the firewall has the role of disease prevention.

Tip 5

Install and Maintain Anti-Virus Software as the primary way that attackers compromise computers in the small office is through viruses and similar code that exploits vulnerabilities on the machine. These vulnerabilities are ubiquitous due to the nature of the computing environment. Even a computer that has all of the latest security updates to its operating system and applications may still be at risk because of previously undetected flaws.

Tip 6

Plan for the Unexpected as sooner or later, the unexpected will happen. Fire, flood, hurricane, earthquake, and other natural or man-made disasters can strike at any time. Important health care records and other vital assets must be protected against loss from these events.

Tip 7

Control Access to Protected Health Information as to grant electronic health information access only to people with a “need to know.”

Tip 8

Use Strong Passwords and Change Them Regularly as passwords are the first line of defense in preventing unauthorized access to any computer.

Tip 9

Limit Network Access as ease of use and flexibility make contemporary networking tools very appealing. Web 2.0 technologies like peer-to-peer file sharing and instant messaging are popular and widely used that can expose your EPHI data.

Tip 10

Control Physical Access as not only must assets like files and information be secured; the devices themselves that store EPHI data must also be safe from unauthorized access. The single most common way that electronic health information is compromised is through the loss of devices.


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