On-board Vessel IT Support in Houston Port - USA

Why Work with AngelTech?

We Provide Professional Computer IT Support since 2006. You Are in Good Hands.

We specialize in fixing computer, network, software issues in Engine Control Room, Cargo Control Room, Bridge Deck, Captain Office, Chief Engineer Office, Crew Office, server and network closet on cargo ships, chemical tankers, general and Ro-Ro vessels in 24/7 emergency situation as well as on proactive-maintenance schedule. We have worked with many captains and crews on-board their vessels from USA, Norway, Netherlands, Philippine, India, China....

We can work closely with your ship agent and captain to board your vessel using our TWIC cards in short notice to fix any computer IT issues and deliver computer equipment onboard in Houston, Texas City and Galveston ports - USA.

  • Safety First

    We understand this phrase professionally, technically, and personally as we have worked on the oil & gas platforms and on-board chemical tanker vessels for many years. This includes computer safety and security on-board.

  • Hands-on

    We know that most of the vessels come to Houston port to deliver or load its cargo with time-limit at a terminal, so with our hands-on experience we can work quickly onboard to fix any critical computer issues with minimal or no disruption to the vessel activity while at port.

  • Responsive

    We are available 24/7 and our IT professionals have TWIC cards that allow us to work with your ship agent and captain to board your vessels in short notice to fix any computer issues in Houston, Texas City, and Galveston ports

On-board Vessel IT Support

We have TWIC card and can work closely with your ship agents and captains to board your vessels at one of the following terminals in Houston, Texas City, and Galveston ports USA to fix any computer issues: Agrifos, Barbours Cut, Bayport Container, Bayport Ro/Ro, Bostco, Bulk Plant, Cargill, Cemex, Chevron Phillips, City Dock, Enterprise, Ethyl, Exxon, Galveston, Georgia Gulf, Green's Bayou Dock, Greensport Middle, Greensport Roro, Houston Ammonia, Houston Cement East/West, Houston Fuel Oil, Inbesa, Industrial Terminal East/West, Intercont. Term. Co., Itc Pasadena, Jacintoport, Kavanagh, Kerley, Kinder Morgan, Lbc, Lyondell, Magellan, Manchester, Mosaic, New Terminal, Newpark Pasadena, Odfjell, Oil Tanking Barge Dock, Old Manchester, Petrotex, Rohm & Haas, Shell, South Central Cement, Stolthaven, Targa, Us Gypsum, Valero, Vopak, Vulcan, Westway Terminal 2, and Woodhouse terminals.
Development & Support


  • Vessel Software Support: Navtor, ChartCo, DNV Navigator, BassNet, Seagull STA, Star IPS Maintenance Management, NAPA Loading Computer, KVH/Virtek CommBox, and more...
  • New Website, Shopping Cart, Phone, Tablet and Desktop Application
  • Opensource Software Customization, Legacy Application Transformation
  • Software Testing (QA), Data Entry, Capturing and Processing
Maintenance & Support


  • Vessel Computer Hardware: sell and deliver onboard new and used desktop, server, storage, firewall and network equipment
  • Computer and Software Setup and Maintenance
  • Offline and Online Data Backup, Archiving, Restore
  • Data Migration and Recovery
  • Computer and Software Automation
  • Computer and Software Upgrade
  • Preventative Maintenance to Minimize Downtime
Computer & Network


  • Computer & Network Security Monitoring
  • Porn, Malware, Phishing , Scam Websites Real-Time Blocking
  • Virus, Malware, Randsomware Removal and Prevention
  • PC Baseline Security Check with Report
  • Anytime Access to Your Computer and Data Securely
  • Business, Guest, Home Wireless Network Lockdown
  • User IT Security Awareness Training
Managed IT Services


  • Pay-as-you-go Desktop, Server, Storage, and Database Resources
  • Communications and Commerce-Based Tools
  • Business and E-commerce Applications
  • Data and Business Document Management
  • Automation and Cross-Channel Communications
  • Contract Management and Payroll
  • Employee Time Tracking and Monitoring
  • Content Authoring and Learning Management

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